I’m so excited to share a brand new project with you all. After a lifetime of writing, playing, and performing music, I’m grateful to have an opportunity to use all the tools and insight I’ve acquired to send music I truly care about into the world. Check it out here and read more below:

tuesday nite is a harmony-driven ambient indie rock duo from Buffalo, NY featuring singer/songwriters Sara Elizabeth and Courtney Ann. 

with a friendship fostered through virtual open mics and jam sessions during the pandemic (2020), Courtney and Sara discovered their mutual love for tiny desks concerts, tight harmonies and current indie artists such as Pinegrove and Phoebe Bridgers. While digging into their classical roots and mac and cheese habits, they fondly coined their jam nites  “tiny desk tuesdays”; from there tuesday nite was born.

stay tuned for music, videos, and merch coming soon, and follow @tuesdaynitemusic on Instagram and Facebook! <3